Q: Where does the hair come from for hair extensions?

A: All hair is purchased in the raw state from hair markets from around the world. It is believed that 90% is Asian, Chinese and Indian. They are graded from poor to excellent quality. 8% from Northern Scandinavian countries, for mainly light blonde colours. This hair is in the upper quality range. 2% from the Russian block of countries. Some of the best light colours are sourced from there and this is the most expensive. 


Q: If Russian hair is considered the best why is it not used by everyone?

A: A full head of Extensions of certified Russian hair would cost between $3000 and $5000 and they are hand crafted wefts that are usually sewn in to the client’s hair. If you have paid much less than that, sorry, you have been duped. Claims of certified Russian Hair used in Tape and I Tip extensions is very unlikely and the price prohibitive.


Q: What is the meaning of “permanent” hair extensions?

A: This is terminology to separate clip in extensions that the client can put in and out themselves and those extensions that are attached by tape, micro cylinder or glued in. We prefer the term, “semi-permanent” Attachment by tape, cylinder or glue still need to be taken out and require reset servicing. That can vary from 6 to 10 weeks. Most glue in extension options are not reusable.  We do not sell glue in extensions, this is old technology and they don't stand up to high weather temperatures.


Q: Is Indian hair suitable for Australia and New Zealand?

A: Indian hair, at the top end of the quality scale is best suited for the greater cross section of women as it mimics the same texture and thickness, whether it be from blonde to black.  It is graded from very poor to excellent.  Ruby Hair selects only hair that is graded A+ (excellent) for its hair extension products.


Q: Is Chinese hair good quality?

A: Yes but is is only suited for women of Chinese/Asian origin. It is considered too thick in structure for non-Chinese women. However Indian Hair is also suitable for Chinese/Asian women.


Q: What is Virgin and European hair?

A: Both these terms are questionable descriptions inferring higher quality that is European in origin. However more than 90% of hair extension manufacturing is done in China using Chinese and Indian hair. Our RUBY brand Tape and I Tip extensions are all hand crafted in China, we inspect the manufacturing process and each shipment is examined under a Trichoscope Camera to ensure our quality standards are met.

Indian hair can be production finished to mimic Virgin or European hair quality. However the finish will wash away in 4/6 weeks. Often hair that is labelled Virgin or European is of a quality that is usually toward the bottom of the grading scale .The giveaway is the price, too low to be true.


Q: Before the extensions are made, how do they clean the hair?

A: From the highest Russian quality to the lowest grade hair. All the hair is boiled in large tubs of hot water . In reality all hair is processed to some degree before finishing.


Q: What is Remi Hair?

A: The term “Remi” has no reference to the quality of the hair or its origin. “Remi” is a descriptive word to say that the hair all runs from top to bottom as it was cut from the donors head. In most cases the Hair has been cuticle stripped which eliminates the problem of hair tangling. If this process is not done correctly and the hair is not truly “Remi”, then tangling is a problem. Only inspection under a Trichoscope Camera can it be detect if the hair is 100% ‘Remi” This is part of the quality control Protocol used with the “RUBY” brand.


Q: Can a Hairdresser tell beforehand if the extensions is good quality hair?

A: In years past a Hairdresser would rely on the information supplied with the brand information and accept it without question. Some brands over the years now blend qualities and some now add high melt synthetic strands without changing their web page information. This makes it impossible for hairdressers to detect. A Trichoscope camera is the only tool to see any variance in quality and this is not a standard piece of hairdressing equipment.


Q: What is double drawn hair mean and is this better?

A: Double drawn hair is the same length. The shorter hair is removed. Women’s hair does not grow double drawn. To get the extensions to blend with the client hair, the extensions need cutting to blend. That extra hair that the client payed for, ends up on the floor. 'RUBY HAIR' extensions are all single drawn so other than some shaping around the face, the only hair to end up on the floor is what gets trimmed from the length. Single drawn hair also offers a more natural look.

With single drawn hair and correct application hair extensions are your secret.


Q: How do I look after my hair extensions?

A: If you buy 'RUBY HAIR' extensions all the do’s and don’ts are on the back of the packaging insert for you to take home.


Q: If I want to change colour or add more curl to my extensions?

A: This cannot be done on poor quality extensions. This can be done with “RUBY HAIR” extensions, with the care and skill of a Hairdresser. We will supply your Hairdresser, try out samples and instructions on request.


Q: What is the best tip I can get to look after my extensions?

A: Hair extensions don’t get natural nutrition. Moisture feed them and condition daily and brush from the bottom up. With all this attention, your own hair will love you too.


Q: Is Ruby Hair based in Australia and are prices in Australian Dollars?

A: All pricing is in Australian Dollars. The "Ruby Hair" Brand is owned by ACE Hair Imports. Our Head Office is at 164 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park Townsville, Queensland. For direct sales, phone us on +61 (0) 404301835 or email kevan@rubyhairextensions.com.au