Adhesive Tape Remover

Ruby Hair

Adhesive Tape Remover

Adhesive remover that is gentle on the skin and fragile hair attachment bases. Will not shrink or distort hair base materials.

It is best to remove Tape Extensions every 6 weeks and re-tape. The remover neutralises the adhesive making it easy to separate the extensions from each other. Remove one at a time. 

Tip: separate from the top down and keep each piece separate. Wipe off any surplus adhesive with the remover and let dry before retaping. It is not necessary to remove the old tape, unless it is necessary. If any adhesive residue is left in the hair, apply remover and comb out. Shampoo the client’s hair in the normal way.

When all the Extensions have been re-taped, bundle with a rubber band and then shampoo & condition. Blow dry to damp. Do not condition client’s hair before re-applying the Extensions and tell the client not to wash their hair for 24 hours to allow the tape bond to cure.

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars

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